[On-hand] Yakan Phone Case

Phone cases are made from handwoven Yakan cloth which are sourced out and made from Basilan.


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Beautiful Phone Cases Made by Tribu Yakan


Our yakan phone cases are made from handwoven textiles from the Yakan Tribe.
The Yakans are part of the Moro enthnic groups and majority are living in Basilan. Yakan textiles are made from abaca, pineapple and bamboo fibers grown in the island, handwoven by the Yakan women in the community. Designs are formed based on the Yakan weavers which showcase bold, colorful and geometric pattern which is greatly influenced by their culture and tradition.



Originally, the yakan textiles are made and sewn for their traditional dress called “Semmek”. From then onwards, the Yakans have learned to design and make products using the Yakan cloth into bags, phone cases, coin purses, scarfs, table runners and even earrings.




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