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Aiming to provide opportunities for local vendors, community based cooperatives, and producers to promote and market their products using latest technologies in the world wide web through providing platforms in social media, web apps and online marketing. The aim of the company is for local products to reach their full potential, be known and reach markets and buyers from different areas.


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Balay Balay Puzzles

Balay Balay 3D Architecture puzzles are toys inspired by Filipino Architectural landmarks, Indigenous houses, traditional spaces and vernacular architecture made for adults and children. Our puzzles take a month to complete and are meticulously painted by different community artisans.


The Yakans are part of the Moro enthnic groups and majority are living in Basilan. Yakan textiles are made from abaca, pineapple and bamboo fibers grown in the island, handwoven by the Yakan women in the community. Designs are formed based on the Yakan weavers which showcase bold, colorful and geometric pattern which is greatly influenced by their culture and tradition.

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